FRIENDS : How You Doin


Buy official Friends merchandise online in India. Shop for How You Doin T-shirt for women. Sustainable Fashion Organic Cotton T-shirt for women. Black Organic Cotton T-shirt for women
FRIENDS : How You Doin

If you are a FRIENDS fan and a Joey Tribbiani Fan even more than that, you must have this Official FRIENDS Merchandise T-shirt made using Sustainable Organic Cotton and Eco-Friendly Printing


You definitely have said those magical words once in your life looking at the mirror and we are sure you have also thought of saying those to a lot of people to impress them and check if it works the charm the way it does for everyone’s favourite Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S The Television series.

‘How you doin’ is a magical phrase from the popular TV sitcom FRIENDS that Joey Tribbiani abides by to impress girls. One of the most watched sitcoms for over 2 decades and counting, FRIENDS has touched billions of lives across the globe with it’s subtle day to day life episodes and humour between friends. If you are a FRIENDS fan, we believe this T-shirt is a must have for you.

Featuring the famous New York City skyline, the FRIENDS logo and Joey’s catchphrase How you Doin, this captures the very essence of fun, minimalism and style all together! Buy this Official FRIENDS T-shirt online in India, exclusively at Athlizur

Key Features:

  • Made using Sustainable Eco-friendly 100% Premium Super Soft Organic Cotton
  • Printed using Finest Quality Screen Printing Techniques
  • Self ribbed neck for better fit for women. No more dropping necks!
  • Long lasting sun proof colours
  • Comfort fit – Neither loose nor tight

Note : Skyline print may vary depending upon the T-shirt size

Additional information
Weight250 g
Dimensions32 × 26 × 1 cm

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL




DC Comics

Fabric Details

Sustainable 100% Premium Soft Organic Cotton

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