Athlizur Wallet and Reward Program

How to Enrol for Athlizur Wallet & Reward Program

Follow these easy steps to join the Athlizur Wallet & Reward Program

  1. Go to the Reward Program icon at the bottom left of the page represented by a Gift Icon
  2. If you do not have an account, Register by providing your details or Choose to Login if you already have an account in the Rewards Program. 
  3. Once you choose to Register, you will receive a mail in your provided email id asking for confirmation. Go back to your mail and choose to confirm to enrol
  4. On completing these steps, you would earn 400 Athlizur Coins. (Read more about Athlizur coins; their value and how to redeem further)

Ways to Earn Athlizur Coins

You can earn Athlizur Coins in various ways

  1. You get 1 Athlizur Coin for every Re. 1 spent shopping at Athlizur
  2. You get 400 Athlizur Coins when you register for our rewards program
  3. You get 1000 Athlizur Coins by following Athlizur on Instagram
  4. You get 400 Athlizur Coins when you Like the official page of Athlizur on Facebook
  5. You get 400 Athlizur Coins by sharing your Birthdate with us.

Please note that Athlizur Coins are earned only on the net order value, not on the taxes paid. Please also note that Athlizur Coins are earned only against prepaid orders when you register an account with Athlizur

Value of Athlizur Coins

You can Redeem Athlizur Coins for various Discount Coupons that can be applied at checkout. For all members, 10 Athlizur Coins can be redeemed for a discount of Re. 1. You need to redeem a minimum of 500 Athlizur coins to avail a discount

So, if you choose to burn 2200 Athlizur Coins that you can earn simply by following us on Social Media, Sharing your birthday and Registering an account (as mentioned previously), you will have a discount coupon worth Rs. 220 that you can use to shop and as you shop you earn more points! Isn't that just amazing!

How to Redeem Athlizur Coins for Discounts

Follow these easy steps to Redeem Athlizur Coins for Rewards:

  1. Go to the Athlizur Wallet icon at the bottom left of the home page represented by a Gift Icon
  2. Signup / Login to your account.
  3. Click on the Redeem in front of the Order Discount option.
  4. Choose the number of Athlizur Coins you wish to convert to a cash coupon for shopping and click on Redeem
  5. Copy the generated code to apply at checkout. Please copy this code at a safe place for usage in case you do not wish to use it right now. If you lose the coupon code generated, there is no way to get the reward points back or generate a new coupon code (Note that this code is unique to you and you can not share it with any other user. Sharing it with nullify it's value) 
  6. Go to Your Cart and in the discount coupon section, paste the copied code for discount. Your discount will be adjusted in your cart value.
  7. Click on Complete Payment and Proceed.

Athlizur Coins Reward more when you spend more

When you have 4000 Athlizur Coins, you can burn them to grab a 25% Discount Coupon. So, no matter what your next order value may be, you can grab a flat 25% Discount!

Refer because you and your friends are special

When you register for the Athlizur Wallet and Reward Program, you also have the option to earn rewards by referring friends! Every friend you refer gets Rs. 400 coupon valid on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000 and for every Friend that you refer, you get Rs. 300 Coupon valid on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000! All you need is for that friend to claim your referral coupon and make a purchase at Athlizur for your referral coupon to become active. Once your friend makes a purchase, we will send you an email to inform you that you have received a successful referral

Learn how to generate your unique referral code and starting getting discount coupons for Athlizur:

  1. To earn referral coupons, go to the Athlizur Wallet icon at the bottom of the page represented by a gift.
  2. Copy the URL provided at the bottom in the Refer your Friends section of the Reward Program or directly share it on Facebook/Twitter/Email from there.
  3. Wait for your friend to accept the coupon. Or, call them and ask them to redeem it quickly so that you can redeem it too! We will notify you via email when you friend accepts your coupon and makes a purchase using it and you will be rewarded Rs. 300 for shopping at Athlizur!

How does Refund to Store Credits/Wallet work?

Whenever you return an order and request for a refund to store credit, your Athlizur wallet will be populated with coins equal to the value of your returned product (as per our returns policy).

For example, if you request for a refund to store credits for a product worth Rs. 1,000, your Athlizur Wallet will be populated with 10,000 Athlizur Coins. You can then burn these 10,000 Coins to get Rs. 1000 OFF on your next order!