How to buy the Best Sports Bra Online in India

You should never doubt that you don’t need a sports bra or that your daily wear bra is just as good for your Workouts as a Sports Bra can be. Nothing else is as important as wearing the right sports bras while walking, running, jogging, doing yoga, dancing, HIIT, cycling, attending Zumba workout or lifting weights etc. At Athlizur, we have the best range of Sports Bras that provide ample support and comfort for all such activities. The Sports Bras at Athlizur are Made in India and specifically designed and fabricated keeping the Indian Women’s body shape and the diverse needs and climate in mind. They are the epitome of performance and quality that you can wish for in your Sports Bra.

Athlizur has a wide range of Sports Bras including racerbacks, hollow backs, cross backs etc. to not just provide the right amount of support for your breasts but also meet your fashion requirements at the same time. Our Sports Bras are made using fabric that is meticulously sourced to meet your activity needs and offers Sweat Wicking and Quick Dry properties along with just the right amount of stretch needed. We have sizes from S to 3XL to accommodate all shapes and sizes. You can look at our detailed size charts to find the best size for your body.

What makes a sports bra different from your everyday bra?

A sports bra is designed with a wider band, thicker straps and using fabrics that are moisture wicking and quick dry to help you workout and stay comfortable for longer without leaving numbness in areas. They provide just the right support and comfort to reduce boob bounce and help you move comfortably while working out in an everyday bra can lead to chafing, discomfort, postural back, shoulder pain etc. Choosing the best sports bras for your breast size and workout activity can reduce the breast bounce by upto 85% which in turn helps preserve the skin and muscle tissue in the longer run and preserve the right shape of your breasts.

Sports Bra are the right choice for a lot of reasons:

  1. Reduce Sagging of Breasts - When there is a lot of movement involved, coupled with inadequate support can lead to long term sagging of breasts as breasts have soft tissues connecting them to the torso and they move a lot. Wearing the right sports bra helps prevent sagging that is not visible soon but can occur later.
  2. Reducing Bounce - Sports Bras are designed to handle movement, motion and jerks of all kinds. For instance, when you run, your breasts bounce up and down with slight movements to the left and right with every step. A properly chosen sports bra provides support and holds your breasts in place, thus reducing the bounce. Your everyday bra, padded or non-padded, can not do that for you as they don’t have that kind of support and band thickness or cup coverage. A sports bra on the other hand provides you with a much fuller cup coverage and right padding to prevent bounce and keep you comfortable during all forms of exercise.
  3. Prevent muscle tear - As a result of the bounce of breasts, the muscle ligaments move in directions they are not supposed to and can lead to pain in breasts; immediately or after a few days or weeks after the exercise. A sports bra restricts this movement and reduces all such occurrences of pain that can otherwise reduce the motivation to workout and live a fitter life.
  4. Moisture Wicking Technology - Athlizur’s wide range of Sports Bras are made using meticulously sourced fabrics that have moisture- wicking properties. They don’t make your feel hot or troubled and prevent irritation and sweat burns. When you sweat, the right amount of breathability in the fabric is important to prevent skin and tissue damage.
  5. Fashion with Fitness - You can not wear your bra as a top when going out shopping or clubbing or under your jacket as well. You are not comfortable with hanging bra straps or visible buttons at the back of your top as well. Sports Bras at Athlizur are designed keeping in mind all these requirements as well. They are great for lounging and clubbing and come in unique designs and prints that look great as tops. Athlizur’s wide range of sports bras provide full cup coverage and function not just as a great choice for activewear but as a great choice for wearing under the jacket or just by themselves with your favourite pair of denims, leggings or skirts, thus taking your fashion game to the next level. Athlizur is the only Indian brand that offers exclusive official licensed merchandise in Sports Bras. So, you can choose to wear your Wonder Woman or Spongebob Sports Bra at any time of day and you don’t need to stick to the basic boring options. Be the star at the Gym, get ogled by women at your Yoga session or let your besties ask where you bought your Batman Top and tell her that it is your Batman Sports Bra!

How to choose the right sports bra

Sports bras are considered to provide 3 levels of support:

  1. High Impact / Full Coverage Sports Bras - They are basically great for every workout. Best suited for HIIT, Zumba, running and other rigorous workouts, they have wide bands and high compression cups.
  2. Medium Impact Sports Bras - Great for running, power yoga and strength training or hiking, they provide slightly lesser compression than High Impact sports bras and have removable pads
  3. Low Impact Sports bras - If your workout is limited to Walking or basic Yoga that does not involve much stretching and sweating, you can go for the low impact sports bras which usually come with narrower straps and may come with or without pads

We however, almost always suggest choosing a Medium Impact Sports Bra for all activities. Because it provides just the right amount of support and doesn’t push your breasts into your chest like some high impact sports bras can. Thus allowing you to breath and sweat without any trouble while working out.

While choosing the right size, you should take care of the following things:

  1. Breast Support - While wearing the sports bra, raise your arms and see if the band moves up or down. Jog a little to check the movement of your breasts. If they move more than expected, you should choose one size smaller
  2. Cleavage or Bulge - Sports bras are not push up bras. If you see your breasts bulge out or you see underboob, you need one size bigger.
  3. The Fitting - Your sports bra should feel tighter than your everyday bra but at the same time you need to be comfortably able to breath. The band should be snug but not digging and the cups should cover both your breasts properly.

So, the next time you are shopping for a Bra or Sports Bra, remember your needs and see that it fits you as per the knowledge gained. You can always reach us on WhatsApp or DM us on our social media handles if you need help choosing the right sports bra from our collections! And remember to wash your Sports Bra everytime you wear to maintain high quality of hygiene and to check if you need to change your size as your body is prone to change with time for various reasons.

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