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Your look at this page shows that you care! We hardly get visitors to this cool page that tells our little story because everyone is busy shopping for the amazing clothing we offer. But every once in a while we have a dedicated patron like you who makes our eyes glow with happiness because you show that you care about the Brand you buy from!

We are simply put, amazing!

(That’s what people say)

We have dedicated our lives to creating and crafting exclusive Activewear merchandise that make your workout routines pop. And while doing so, we also keep making a lot of products for your daily wear wardrobe from T-shirts, Hoodies, Crop Tops and Jackets to accessorizing your Phones with our cool Phone Cases and Pop Sockets. And did we mention our Sports Bra and Leggings (Jeggings) or Yoga Pants as some of you call them are the most versatile collection of activewear you can find in India? 

We are Pioneers, We are Thinkers, We are Innovators!

We were bored of seeing women workout in dull T-shirts and boring Leggings and as a team comprising of 70% Women, we were bored of what we wore to Yoga and Gym and Running and Hiking! That’s when we started thinking, why can’t we roam around in a Sports Bra that looks cooler than our boyfriend’s Jacket? As of today, we have the widest range of Printed Leggings and Sports Bras that not just offer the utmost comfort and support, but are the coolest ones out there and we love it when you like our Innovative approach to revamp athleisure in India. We are the Pioneers of Licensed Official Activewear Merchandise in India with Quirky Sports Bras and Leggings featuring characters such as Garfield and SpongeBob, Snoopy and Woodstock. Our thoughts and approach have shaken the Indian Women’s athleisure wardrobe and if you are bored of your current Yoga Pants and Bras, you’ve come to the right place!

We are Loved! A lot!

Our patrons love us. We’ve been told by a lot of people that we are their favorite brand when it comes to activewear and we have given a strong competition to the biggies of the world! We are popular among the Girl Friends and our referral traffic is more than 25% of our overall traffic! That speaks volumes about the Love we get from our shoppers!

The Team at Athlizur!

We’re a small team led by 2 strong willed IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur graduates who left everything they were doing to give India a much needed pop in the workout wardrobe! With our corporate office Located in Jaipur and manufacturing units in Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur, we have come a long way due to the love and support of our patrons !

We are actively hiring Designers, Social Media Managers, Customer Relationship Executives and Support staff for various roles. If you’re interested in joining our small team and being a Big Fish in a small pond, reach out to us using the contact us form or drop in your CV and Portfolio on [email protected] !

Uniqueness and the way forward

You might try to find clothes similar to ours across the web but trust us, you won’t be able to find them. Like we said, we are pioneers and innovators. Our official merchandise collections are as unique as you and that is what our philosophy is;

Being Unique !

While at the moment you might feel that we are ignoring men, trust us, we are not doing so and are actively working day and night to develop new products and categories. Over the coming few months, you will see us launch a lot of new activewear clothes and varieties that will be as unique as you!

Celebrities Love us !

We’ve had a few surprising names pop up in our list of customers when we see the orders that we receive each day. We won’t be disclosing them but you can find some of them featured on our social media handles or you can find us on their social media handles because you know the Paparazzi in India have been doing a great job helping us find who our loving Celebs are!

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